We prioritise produce from a hand full of small producers within NSW who share our vision on sustainability.
Everything you will taste during your visit at acre is freshly sourced, free range and as local as possible. 



Luke Winda, his wife Pia and acre’s former manager Kevin set up Tathra Place 4 years ago creating a beautiful regenerative farm, focusing on chemical and hormone free, ethically farmed, pastured ducks, pork, chicken and beef. Luke’s approach to traditional farming methods are a breath of fresh air in a market that is more obsessed with profit than it is animal welfare.

The animals at Tathra Place are free to roam in acres of beautiful lush pasture, and as a result, the produce is of the highest quality and taste.


Rangers Valley, NSW

Rangers Valley is one of the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producers. They specialise in long fed pure Black Angus and Wagyu cross breeds to bring you the highest quality, best tasting, consistently tender and delicious beef, every time.

They've distinguished themselves as the name behind premium marbled Black Angus and Wagyu beef for both the domestic and export markets. Producing exceptional marbled beef is the result of their passion and experience throughout the entire supply chain.

Ranger Valley is a leaders in state-of-the-art feedlot operations, and they’re wholeheartedly committed to caring for their cattle and investing in the future of our planet.

Growing 100% Australian grass-fed lamb in the most scenic and clean of environments is what they do best. Down to Earth Produce is based near the highest town of the famous Blue Mountains in NSW. Their production of high quality lamb centres around environmental sustainability and an open gate policy regarding animal health and management practices. They are NSW Food Safe, LPA and MSA accredited. DTEP sells our lamb directly to us, with no middle man. 

free range lamb from

down to earth produce, nsw

Joto Fresh Fish is Australia's leading supplier of premium seafood. From hand selecting the freshest seafood for customers in the early hours of each morning, to ensuring , immaculate quality and industry-leading quality produce. Joto Fresh Fish seeks and searches out seafood of the highest quality, at the best price possible in these challenging times. They work with a comprehensive food safety program which is audited by Safefood NSW to demonstrate their commitment to fresh produce.


joto fresh
fish, NSW

Paroo Kangaroo originated in the Paroo Darling region in Far West NSW, an area known for its mostly untouched land and abundance of native vegetation. Paroo Kangaroo is sourced from only the finest wild game kangaroos from specific regions that now also include four premium sourcing regions.


Paroo is the result of years of research and collaboration with chefs to capture flavour and texture profiles that have never been achieved in kangaroo. Carefully selected based on seasonal conditions, water and grasses specific to each region, Paroo Premium Kangaroo is Australia’s only premium grade kangaroo meat.

Kangaroo & game from


darling, NSW & sa

The Hayes family have been farming the area for over 125 years. Grown on the finest natural pasture in the Riverina NSW by a select group of the regions best producers, Mirrool Creek lamb is hand picked by the Hayes family. They’re involved in every step of the process from paddock to plate. Mirrool Creek Lamb has an outstanding reputation for high quality farm handling, processing, ageing and packaging. Their produce is from the highest quality, sustainable, tender, award winning cut.

free range lamb from

creek lamb,

Coffee by

Gypsy espresso, NSW

Gypsy Espresso offers a world-best coffee experience for one simple reason: consistency. Consistency in supply, blending,  roasting, flavour and service. They roast locally, in Alexandria, and source quality green beans from third-generation Colombian farmers.

Balsy Brewery opened Australia’s first Kombucha Bar in Sydney last year, which acts as a cellar door to their production space.

"Sustainability in our business means consciously choosing to look after ourselves and this amazing planet on which we walk. Taking inspiration from the natural world, we use native Australian ingredients in our many of our brews. We enjoy making conscious decisions about buying local and organic where possible, reducing waste and supporting local makers. We sell our Wild Kombucha fresh off tap into refillable bottles to promote recycling."


by balsy brewery, nSW