WE AIM to change the way people think about and consume food. 

Acre Eatery is a farm-to-table restaurant, part of the revitalised community hub Camperdown Commons, that was formerly the home of Camperdown Bowling Club. We aim to educate customers on food consumption and production. We achieve this by providing a sustainable and delicious plate of food that is a better alternative to the sugar-filled and salty processed foods we see in our supermarkets. While this is a lofty goal, we have a very practical approach.

We prioritise sustainable produce from our on-site not-for-profit partner, Pocket City Farms, with the balance sourced from a collection of small to medium sized farms located within the Sydney basin. Our proteins are sustainably sourced and are predominantly secondary cuts which are cooked slowly to release flavour. We aim to use produce and protein off-cuts in our cooking to further reduce our footprint, and our waste, and to maximise yield. We do all this while proudly presenting the tastiest and most delicious food we can. This can be a difficult balancing act, and with our determination and focus; we ensure we achieve this every time.

We are striving for a “closed loop” operation in the way we operate our eatery through initiatives such as composting with Pocket City Farms, recycling and reducing our water use. Our staff are educated on the goals of sustainable growing and consumption of food.

We translate this practical approach through the education of our staff. We engage with our customers in a very real and raw manner, just like our food, as you enjoy our fresh, flavoursome and sustainable ingredients.