Do your children have trouble sleeping at night? Are your children tired and irritable during the day?

Your children may be feeling tired and restless from the blue light emitted by digital devices. Children’s eyes are still developing so they are more sensitive to blue light rays. As a result, they could experience a decrease in melatonin release (the hormone that signals when it’s time for them to go to bed).

According to studies, children spend up to 47.5 hours per week looking at screens. Interactive devices are becoming more prevalent in children’s education. This could have an impact on their energy levels as well as their sleeping patterns.

A balanced diet and the right foods will help your children not only find the right amount of screen time but also keep them awake and alert throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by gradually adopting healthier meal choices, and you’ll soon see the results for yourself.

We talked to many parents about the top 10 foods that help kids sleep and give them energy throughout the day.

Daytime: Top 5 foods that provide slower energy throughout the day

  • Porridge – Because porridge has a low glycaemicindex, nutrients are slowly released into your bloodstream. This will keep your children occupied throughout the day. A quick trick is to add a sweet treat, such as honey or fruit, to mask the lack of flavor.
  • Chicken: High-protein options such as chicken can provide energy-rich lunches that will keep your children full until dinner.
  • Peanut Butter Less sugar and salt is better. This classic children’s recipe is a hit with fussy eaters.

A quick trick: Mix jam or jelly with It never disappoints in a sandwich.

  • Beans – Who doesn’t like a plate full of beans and toast? This food is high in protein and will give your child the energy they need for a fun day.
  • Dry Fruit: Dry fruits are rich in iron, which helps to transport oxygen around the body and keep their minds active.

Quick tip: Dried prunes don’t always make a good choice for children. Try raisins or apples instead.

Nighttime: The Top 5 Foods to Help Children Sleep

Scientists call it the “sleep tonic” because it is a hormone that the brain produces. It helps regulate the body’s clock and tells us when it’s bedtime. Along with dopamine, it’s used to regulate our moods.

These are the top five foods that help children fall asleep, as well as a few tips on how to make them delicious!

  • Bananas Although bananas are usually considered energy-boosting fruits, they contain serotonin (and melatonin) which makes us feel happy and promotes sleep.
  • Sweet Potatoes – Similar to bananas but high in potassium, this superfood can help with sleep deprivation.

Use these as a quick trick instead of your weekly jacket potatoes.

  • Oats Oats are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain amino acids that increase the production of melanin.
  • Honey This natural sweetener aids in the release of melatonin as well as reducing orexin, which is what keeps us awake.

The quick trick: Just one teaspoon in their evening tea or coffee does the trick!

  • Rice: Less than other carbs, rice helps children fall asleep quicker and encourages deeper sleep.

A quick trick: The perfect side dish for any season. You can make your kids happy by adding it to a winter broth or a light summer stir fry.

It’s about making easy changes that don’t interfere with your family’s daily routine. You can ensure your children are getting the right food to help them sleep well at night.