This will be controversial.

Breakfast is the most important meal of every day.

Aussie children have a lot of fond memories about breakfast, from Vegemite toast to Weet-bix to egg sammies and bacon. We have some great memories.

Which is better? We have ranked the five best Aussie brekkies, from the least to the most.

Let’s get started.


Starting at the bottom of the Aussie bar, Porridge: adding fruit, soy milk, or brown sugar to it can make it amazing. It is still a favourite Aussie breakfast and theĀ least favourite.

It’s like liquorish and avocado: you either love or hate it.

Because it is the least Australian of our choices, warm brekkie also lasts. Although it is a staple in many Australian families, technically, it is a British dish. So, soz not soz porridge.

Sandwich with bacon and eggs

Next is the bacon-egg sammie. This is a portable version of the full-cooked breakfast.

Breakfast lovers who love bacon and eggs will be happy to hear that the bacon and eggs are out. This is the perfect lazy Sunday (or tradie!) breakfast.

Like Porridge, bacon and eggs are very popular in many other countries. The most famous being the US. This bready dish gets its Australian flavor from the BBQ sauce.

It is still amazing, but I would recommend it.


This to-be favorite is for those who like a liquid breakfast

Milo is the ultimate Aussie drink, and I have the deepest sympathy for anyone who grew up without it.

This chocolate-flavored malt beverage has been around since 1930.

We can’t deny that Australia is a very bougie country in coffee culture. However, while our cappuccinos and lattes are enviable worldwide, they don’t compare to Milo’s.


Next is toast and Vegemite toast.

We didn’t say we would write an article on Aussie brekkies that did not include Vegemite, did you? Never.

The thick, dark brown spread is made from yeast extract. It makes people in other nations shiver, but it’s what we Aussies are built to withstand.

We have all seen videos of poor people spreading on unbuttered toast or worse, into their gobs. It breaks our hearts.

Vegemite toast may be the best Australian bread brekkie, but toppings like peanut butter and Nutella are also worth mentioning.

Crumpets were also a must-have. Although they are not technically toasted, they can be toasted in a toaster, so we wanted to show them some love.


The final contender for the top spot is Weet-bix.

We’ve all heard it: “Aussie children are Weet-bix children.”

Although New Zealand’s neighbors have attempted to claim this one, I think we would be more than happy for them to share it because it is so high-end.

Whole-grain wheat cereal is an affordable, versatile and classic choice for many. It’s not only nostalgic, but it’s also quite healthy, as it contains whole grains and additional vitamins. It’s also almost impossible to beat if you add fruit.

It is possible to get it gluten-free these days.

Here’s our ranking for the 5 best breakfasts in Australia.

Please don’t be offended if you disagree with any of these points. We just love brekkie.