It can be difficult to prepare meals for a picky eater. It’s a great way to bring joy to the table and brighten up the mood. These are just a few ideas.

12 Simple Ways to Make Food Fun

Give food crazy names.

Names can be created for almost any food. Humorous names are more effective than those that sound like Pixie Basketballs. If you add your name, your child will love eating a meal or food. You can experiment with names such as Sloppy Joans and Ben’s Belly-vicious Beans. You can even name your food after a cartoon character.

Let it speak!

Engaging younger children is possible by having the food “talk” to them. Your child can be called to the table by the spaghetti. The beans may “ask” your child to eat the spaghetti and go into his stomach.

Make shapes.

You can make fun shapes from sandwiches, pancakes, or cheese using a cookie cutter or a knife. You can make triangles, strips or circles out of cheese and other more entertaining shapes than a square.

Fun platters.

You can use anything but a kitchen plate. You can use containers, dishes, toy dishes and an ice tray as dishes.

Be creative!

Make patterns or separate the peas from the rest of the dish instead of putting them in neatly organized piles. Fun disarray is more appealing to children.

It should be colorful.

Food coloring can be used to make pink mashed potatoes, purple mashed cauliflower and add color to boiling water. You can let your child choose the colors and add drops. Foods can also create color – add blueberries and strawberries to your yogurt to get more color.

Get them involved.

Use craft materials to help your children design and create their table centerpieces or napkin holders. You could make it a monthly habit and decorate the table for each holiday.

Personalize it.

Buy a set of dinner plates decorated with your child’s current TV or movie characters. You can also take your child to the grocery store and let him or her choose their dishes, even if it isn’t related to yours.

Be creative with your presentation.

You don’t have to make your child’s plates look the same. Instead, you can arrange a variety of different foods on their plate. String beans and noodles along the edges of the plate. You can alternate veggies, meat, and grains in mini-piles, stripes, or combine them to create a design. Try something new when you are preparing the next meal.

Make an irresistible plate.

Combining fun games with interesting presentations makes a meal irresistible. To make a delicious treat, place broccoli slices on a bed of mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with bits of meat.

Try something new.

You can try a different version of the old food. Instead of pasta with meatballs, make a mega-meatball or a lot of mini-meatballs. Make a long, thin carrot strip from one end to the other. Instead of using apple pieces, make spirals with a potato peeler.

Let them dip it.

Children love the food they can grab by hand and dip. Sauces that come with sauce can be served separately or in a separate bowl. In ranch dressing, you can enjoy fruit in mashed cottage cheese, yogurt, and veggies. Chicken pieces, beef cubes, and marinara sauce are also fun options.

Make mealtime more enjoyable, and your picky eater might be less picky.