The arrival of new drinks brands that celebrate Belfast’s past and present is one of the most welcome signs of Belfast’s revitalization as a growing, vibrant city.

There’s a wide range of drinks to choose from, including gin and whiskey. A new venue is also available for drink connoisseurs.

This is our guide to the best local treasures.

Excellent Belfast Brands

Jawbox gin is one of the drinks that celebrates all things great about Belfast.

Jawbox was founded by a former barman and is named after an old-fashioned kitchen sink. This symbolizes the fact that Belfast (old & new) has a rich history. The kitchen is still a hub for food, drink, and gossip!

Don’t forget the local whiskey, Dunville’s. It is a stylish whiskey that is rooted in Belfast’s history and recalls an old whiskey brand.

Bottled Local Drinks

The Friend At Hand store in the Cathedral Quarter is a great place to find local whiskey brands like Dunville’s.

The shop was opened by Willie Jack – a local celebrity and publican. It features more than 600 whiskeys, making it a mini-museum on its right.

Bars and Local Drinks

You’ll love The Crown and The Garrick. The John Hewitt is another local favorite.

The Sunflower Bar is a place where you can find craft beer, live music, and a variety of regulars.

In the relatively new taproom at Woodworkers, a larger bar located in South Belfast, you can choose from a variety of beer flights.

Many Belfast bars have a large selection of gin and whiskey. The Sagart is Belfast’s smallest pub! The City Centre is a very unusual and worthwhile option.

One Goose Entry, near Cathedral Quarter, or The Bear and The Doll, are two unusual cocktail bars. Not a drinker? Try Kaffe O for a great cup of coffee in Botanic, and then try your luck at the local charity shops.

Get on the Road (or rail)!

Whiskey lover? You’ve probably already thought about visiting the Old Bushmills Distillery on the North Coast.

Don’t forget that the award-winning Quiet Man whisky is produced in Derry, a city located in the north-west of NI. Send them a message to inquire about a tour of the distillery. Also, remember that the journey from Belfast to Derry follows a beautiful and famous shoreline route.

Try the Grand Central if you’re looking for a quality, no-fuss pub. Sandinos Club/Bar is a great alternative.