Bacon is a food that everyone loves. Bacon is great for breakfast but also tastes good in salads, on chicken sandwiches, or mixed with vegetables as a side. The sweet, salty, and smoky taste can light up any dish. And the aroma of bacon cooking in the oven will make you hungry.

Despite its popularity, it takes a lot of work to finish a whole package of Bacon in one sitting. For this reason, some bacon products have resealable packaging.

What are the answers to this question? Can you freeze leftover cooked Bacon? How can Bacon be frozen? The answers are here!

How long does Bacon last?

The USDA has developed guidelines to help consumers better understand the shelf life of food in the refrigerator. It depends on the type of Bacon and whether it is refrigerated, frozen, or cooked.

How long does uncooked Bacon last in the fridge?

Some manufacturers will include a “sell-by” or Use-by date in the packaging. USDA does not require this. Unopened Bacon can be kept until that date. You can count on two weeks if it does not have a date. The not nitrite-cured Bacon (a typical kind of Bacon) can last up to three weeks.

Use all bacon types within seven days of opening the package (or sooner if the printed dates are earlier). Learn if you can consume raw Bacon.

How long does cooked Bacon last in the fridge?

It will last 4 to 5 weeks in the refrigerator. Store it in an airtight container. We prefer glass containers as they do not absorb odors.

You can store shelf-stable Bacon in your pantry unopened until it expires. You should use the Bacon within 5-14 days after opening it, depending on how long the package specifies.

How long does Bacon last in the freezer?

You can freeze Bacon if you don’t have time to use it. Uncooked and -cooked Bacon are freezer-friendly, but they should be used within four months to maintain the best quality. You can freeze unopened packages of Bacon, but you must thaw them all at once.

To freeze individual strips of Bacon:

  1. Place them on a baking tray lined with waxed paper, ensuring the strips do not overlap.
  2. Place the sheet in the freezer.
  3. Once the Bacon has frozen completely, place the slices in a freezer-safe plastic bag. The same method can be used to freeze cooked Bacon.

How to cook frozen Bacon

You don’t have to thaw the Bacon before cooking it. The cooking time will be longer than if you were using thawed meat.

Thaw the Bacon in your refrigerator if you have enough time. Most frozen bacon packages can be thawed overnight in the fridge and used within seven days. Bacon that has thawed overnight in the refrigerator can be frozen again if needed. The microwave or cold water is faster to melt Bacon (about 30 minutes for cold water, or 5 minutes in the micro). However, the Bacon must be cooked right away. Bacteria can grow faster during thawing, so this Bacon cannot be refrozen without being cooked.

How long does Bacon Grease last?

When cooking Bacon, one of the most common errors people make is to throw away bacon grease. This stuff is liquid gold! Please keep it in a mason jar or container for bacon grease, and store it in the fridge. The oil will harden in the refrigerator, making it easier to scoop out and portion.

In the fridge, it will last about three months. When it is no longer safe to use, it will smell rotten and make any food that it has been used in taste funny.

How to store Bacon


Uncooked Bacon that has been opened can be stored in an aluminum foil-wrapped package, a plastic bag, or in an airtight container. After cooking Bacon, store it in an airtight jar. The bacon strips are layered between paper towels. If you don’t, the bacon strips will stick together because the fat in the fridge solidifies.


Store frozen Bacon in a freezer-safe container or airtight bag. Resealable baggies are great, mainly if you’ve used the sheet pan method. Pull out one or two strips and return the rest to the freezer.

Bacon that has gone bad can be identified by its smell.

You’ll notice that the color of uncooked Bacon has faded to a dull, pinkish hue. It’s time to throw it out once it becomes brown, gray, or greenish. If your Bacon is sticky, slimy, or has an overpowering sour smell, you should also throw it out. The cooked Bacon will smell rancid and lose its crispness. It will also become sticky and soft.