Mince recipes

If you want something quick and delicious, chicken minced salad is the perfect recipe.

It’s normal to feel sad about the weekend. We miss out on going out with friends, enjoying fancy meals and having all the fun we could have. We miss it, but we must be responsible citizens and stay home. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite foods! You don’t have to go to fancy restaurants to enjoy your favourite Thai red curry, ice cream rolls, or Kung pao Chicken. You can make delicious and healthy food in your own home! Even an amateur home chef can master a lot of these recipes. If you’re still not confident in cooking, ask your family members or friends to help. Enjoy a weekend with friends and family by sharing a meal, cooking and dressing up together.

It’s much easier to make a salad than a sandwich. We know it’s the weekend, so we won’t spoil it by suggesting simple vegetable salads. What about a chicken salad? Let’s make it more interesting by adding some Indo-Chinese flavours to it. Mix some sauces and cook it for a while.

We don’t blame anyone if this recipe becomes a regular weekend staple. It is also very easy to prepare and delicious. We make it easy for you to follow the instructions. It’s done.

Minced chicken is quick to prepare and perfect for quick recipes.

How to make minced chicken salad?

This recipe requires minced chicken, ginger garlic paste, and some thinly-sliced vegetables such as cabbages, carrots and onions. Use soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce for the sauce. We will also add salt, black pepper, and chilli flakes to enhance the flavour.

Once you have all the ingredients you just need to heat oil in a saucepan, add the ginger-garlic, chicken and cut the vegetables one by one. Add sauces, chilli flakes, coriander and salt to another bowl. After the chicken has been cooked to 80%, mix the sauce and coat it with the chicken. Continue cooking for 5 minutes until all ingredients are well combined.

So, what are you waiting for? The weekend is here, and you have a great recipe in hand.

Get cooking!!!