Chocolate self saucing pudding

This easy chocolate self-saucing pudding has everything you need for a quick dessert. This recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. This chocolate pudding is light and fluffy with a delicious chocolate sauce. This is the perfect dessert for any occasion, including your next dinner party.

Since I can remember, this recipe has been in my family. This chocolate self-saucing pudding is a favourite of mine. The competition was to get the largest piece. We rarely had leftovers in our 6-person family. To my surprise, when my older siblings left and I was still in high school, I got the largest serve AND the leftovers!


This chocolate self-saucing pudding has two parts: the pudding and the sauce. It’s pretty simple.


The pudding is the batter that makes the cake. The process is very easy. You need to combine the ingredients in a bowl, then pour the mixture into the prepared pan.

Top tip #1: Sift the dry ingredients. Yes, even the sugar. You don’t want lumps of cocoa and flour in your pudding.

Top tip #2: Grease your pan with butter. This will help it stick a bit better.

Top tip #3: I use an 8×8″/20cmx20cm rectangular dish. You can make a higher-quality pudding using this dish, but you can also use a shallow baking pan.


This self-saucing chocolate pudding gets its name from the sauce that is poured over the pudding mixture before it is cooked. This simple mixture of sugar, cocoa and boiling water is what you will use.

Top tip #4: Pour the boiling water over your pudding using a spoon. Be careful. This prevents any dents from the pudding. Although I attempted to take a photo, I was flying solo at the time and didn’t have another arm to capture it. It will look swampy, but it will still taste delicious.


Oven-dependent cooking is never easy. I cooked mine for 35 minutes in a 350F/180C oven. Checking the middle is key to determining if your chocolate self-saucing pudding has been cooked. The middle should look like a cake, but the sauce should bubble a little and be poured onto the base of the pudding. Depending on what type of baking dish, the cooking time may vary. The cooking time for a square dish will take closer to 40 minutes, while a flatter, longer dish will take closer to 25 minutes.

Top tip #5: Place your pudding on a heatproof flat tray. The chocolate self-saucing puddings are prone to overflow so make sure to use a flat plate instead of cleaning your oven.

This is a tried-and-true recipe that my family has enjoyed for many decades. This recipe is perfect for entertaining a large group. Serve it with vanilla bean ice-cream and fresh berries, and you can be sure everyone will love it!