McDonalds Tim Tam Mcflurry

After months of fans discovering the limited-edition Tim Tam McFlurry on their secret menu, McDonald’s finally has released it.

The Tim Tam McFlurry is an Aussie favourite. It features velvety soft served with crispy biscuit pieces and smooth milk chocolate sauce.

Fans have long waited for the McFlurry to be released. It combines two Australian icons to create a unique dessert.

Uber Eats will now offer the new menu item exclusively starting 24 November. It will be available for one week.

On December 1, the Tim Tam McFlurry will make its way to McDonald’s nationwide restaurants. It will be available for a short time only.

This launch marks Macca’s biggest summer campaign to date, which includes new flavour combos, menu items, and collaborations that will be available in Macca’s restaurants starting now through February.

McDonald’s Australia Marketing Director Tim Kenward stated, “To celebrate summer’s magic, Macca’s will launch two months of new menu items, tasty flavour combinations, and iconic brand collaborations. This will allow our customers to enjoy great times together.”

Tim Tam McFlurry launches a variety of brand partnerships, collaborations and promotions that are iconic. New menu items will be available from now through the end of this summer.

Tim said that Macca’s believes great combinations make summer special, whether it’s sun, surf, friends, or Tim Tam/McFlurry.

“We are so excited to kickstart our summer campaign with one of our most recognizable flavour combinations. This will give Aussies a delicious dessert they can enjoy with their loved ones this Summer.”

This launch follows a McFlurry called a ‘Choc Slam” earlier this year by TikTok user.

It is essentially a Tim Tam McFlurry, but they call it “Choc Slam” in their system. He said that the caramel swirl sauce and chocolate biscuits were used.

This limited-edition flavour was only available through the MyMacca’s App. It featured soft-serve ice-cream with caramel swirls, chocolate biscuit crumbs, and a classic soft-serve flavour.